Ultrafast Fibre by NakiCloud

Offering you Speedster Ultrafast Fibre Internet, home-grown exclusively for the good people of Taranaki. Owned and operated by locals, for locals… because you deserve to be at the front of the queue to ramp up your Internet experience with this awesome new service. Ultrafast Fibre Internet, also known as UFB or Ultra Fast Broadband. Just ask yourself: Who better to bring it into your home than your own neighbourly New Plymouth based UFF experts? It’s a no-brainer really! Read more about Speedster…

Lightning Speed

Flag the little sparks and choose to fly with your local network provider. Speedster Ultrafast Fibre is up to 20x faster than standard ADSL – which means the ultimate in home entertainment options, digital downloading, online gaming, and much, much more, across multiple devices and with NO frustrating snarl-ups or slowdowns! Now isn’t that what you’ve been waiting for?

Future Proof

The fibre network isn’t just fast, it’s the only technology designed to meet your internet needs for years to come. There’s no time like the present to get off the old outdated networks and take advantage of this government subsidised fibre optic service. Super easy to install and even easier and quicker to upgrade as your speed needs change.

Local Service

The support is local, the connection is fast and the price is right – satisfaction guaranteed! We’re here to bring you the consistent, dependable, top quality connectivity of Ultrafast Fibre-like-no-other, whether you’re gaming, googling, downloading music or movies, or streaming live. There is no substitute for speed! You won’t know what you’ve been missing till you get it!

Fibre Plans

Our focus is fibre. Not just any fibre – our own Ultrafast Fibre network home-grown in the Naki for the Naki. And we’ve got an ultra-cool plan just right for you. With Speedster you get UNLIMITED DATA* with downloads from 30mbps to 200mbps and uploads from 10 to 20 mbps! Now that’s really fast!

Fly at the speed of light! Great prices and awesome local service. It’s a no brainer!

Phone Plans

Go naked, or boost it with a landline add-on with these extra benefits.

Speedster Phone Line

  • Unlimited Local Minutes
  • National/International phone Minutes plans available
  • Mobile Minute Plans available
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Keep Existing Number

With Speedster 200 you can download…

An HD Movie in
A full album in
100 HD Photos in

Even more reasons to join Speedster

  • Speedster provides a FREE modem and FREE installation!
  • Our Fibre Network was built by experts, and is run and constantly refined by our knowledgeable and experienced LOCAL team.
  • We’ll help you take advantage of the government sponsored Fibre roll out: there’s never been a better time to gear up for faster internet connectivity.
  • You won’t be waiting in long queues to speak to an expert on the phone. Customer service is a top priority for us and we even have a twitter page with technical experts available to answer queries. We can be on your doorstep in a tick if necessary!
  • We’ll also provide regular Taranaki ‘tech-specs’ to help keep you updated on how to max out the benefits of fibre and get the most for your buck.
  • All of this a bit much to take in? We have a dedicated team here in Taranaki that can visit you to give you the low down – free with no obligations.

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