Frequently Asked Questions

What Speedster plan will work best for you will depend on the number of devices and the amount of downloading in the home.
(A good gauge is allowing 10Mb/s – 20Mb/s download speed per device if all devices in the home were working at once). 4K streaming from Netflix takes more resources and this may require an upgrade in Router at an additional cost.

30/10 plan – 1-2 devices – very low internet users
50/20 plan – 1-3 devices – low to medium internet users
100/20 plan – 1-5 devices – medium to high users (recommended 1 to 2 devices on Netflix)
200/20 plan – 6-10 devices – Very high users (recommended 1 to 4 devices on Netflix, also recommend upgraded Router)
No Problem, just email us at There is no cost to upgrade your plan, we just need 5 working days notice to make this change for you.
Speedster billing is from the 1st of the month to the end of the month. If your connection started mid way through the month it will be pro rated from the connection date to the end of the month.
For any Speedster billing or invoice enquiries contact 06 929 3676 and speak to our friendly accounts team.
When you sign up for Fibre we are unable to give you an exact installation date. Getting your Fibre connected can take upwards of four weeks. Time frames depend on a number of things such as the level of demand on UFF and the complexity of your installation. From time to time delays can also be caused because a major utility upgrade is required to get the Fibre connection to your home. I.e. Power poles outside properties, council trees or issues with shared driveways. For issues relating to Fibre installation outside of Speedsters control contact UFF on 0800 342 735 and they may be able to give you a specific time frame.
We recommend that you set up a free and autonomous email address for example Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo. These email address services are easy to use and equally secure.
The best time to set up your new email address is before your existing provider terminates your services.
Don’t forget to let all your contacts know your new email address, it’s as simple as group emailing your contacts list.
Speedster does not have authority to cancel your existing services. The account holder or other authority on the account must contact the current provider to cancel your services.
If Speedster is porting your phone number across to Fibre it’s important that you DO NOT cancel your existing phone and internet services until AFTER the number has safely ported. (This is typically around 10 working days to complete from the fibre connection date).
Speedster prides itself on providing the best internet to homes and business’s in Taranaki.
Unfortunately the quality of other website servers can vary, and some of the information you are requesting from other servers can have an effect on your internet experience which speedster cannot control.

Internet quality over Wi-Fi has its limitations. Where practical try to run cables from the Router to your devices. A Device can be Smart TV, Apple TV, Tablet, Lap tops, PC’s and Gaming Consoles. Most Wi-Fi devices are only capable of running 20-40MB/s. Wi-Fi can be affected by the age of devices, Neighbours Wi-Fi, building materials and many other variables.

Voicemail FAQs

There are two ways to access your voicemail box from home, simply dial *55 from your phone, or dial
028 890 000 if your handset isn’t tone-enabled.
Dial *55 (or 028 890 000)
Press ‘0′ to access your voicemail greetings settings then you can select:
1′ – To setup your unavailable message
2′ – To setup your busy message
3′ – To setup your name
4′ – To setup a temporary greeting (i.e. on vacation for a while)
5′ – To change your PIN number
Press ‘#‘ after recording then follow the prompts to listen to the recording or to save.
1′ – Listen to messages in currently selected folder. (You will be asked to select new or old messages when you first connect)
2′ – Change your current message folder. (‘0′ for new messages, ‘1′ for old messages, ‘2′ for work messages, ‘3′ for family messages, ‘4′ for friends messages, ‘#‘ to cancel)
3′ – Advanced options (‘4′ to place an outgoing call)
0′ – Mailbox options (record greetings and set PIN number)
*‘ – Help
#‘ – Exit
3′ – advanced options (‘1′ – send a reply if a Speedster user, ‘2′ – call the person who left the message, ‘3′ – listen to the message details, ‘4′ – to place outgoing call)
4′ – Go back to the previous message
5′ – Repeat the current message
6′ – Play the next message
7′ – Delete the current message
8′ – Forward the message to another Speedster mailbox
9′ – Save the message to a folder (‘0′ for new messages, ‘1′ for old messages, ‘2′ for work messages, ‘3′ for family messages, ‘4′ for friend’s messages)
To disable Speedster voicemail services contact Speedster support on 06 929 3676